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Group Exercise Sessions

Dive into our wide array of fitness classes. These include HIIT, Strength, Hybrid Classes as well as our outdoor running groups and our bigger Saturday session.

Personal Training

We also offer Personal Training for anyone wanting a more specific training session tailored around you and your goals.

Body Composition Testing

Track your body composition via the Bodpod (Gold Standard) for measuring and tracking your body composition.

Exercise Physiology

Our resident exercise physiologist Ben has a strong background with working with elite level athletes across a wide array of sports with a particular interest in AFL, track & field and all endurance sports. He also has a large clientele of general population clients who are wanting to make some meaningful and positive changes with their health and fitness. So if that is you, contact us and make an appointment today

Physiological Testing

We offer specialised testing including Resting Metabolic Rate testing and Vo2 Max testing for those wanting a more detailed analysis of their metabolism and/or fitness levels.



Experience the fitness revolution with HIIT! Our class delivers a 45-minute, results-driven workout that combines intense bursts of exercise with brief recovery periods. Torch calories, build muscle, and boost your endurance in a dynamic and efficient session suitable for all fitness levels.


Welcome to our Hybrid Fitness Fusion class, where fitness meets innovation! This revolutionary session blends the best elements of various workout styles into one seamless, high-energy experience. Get ready to challenge your body, ignite your metabolism, and transform your fitness routine in this dynamic and ever-evolving class.


Unleash your full potential in our Strength & Conditioning (S&C) class! This empowering session is tailored to individuals seeking to enhance their overall strength, endurance, and athletic performance. Led by expert trainers, this class combines resistance training, cardiovascular exercises, and functional movements to sculpt your body, improve your fitness level, and boost your confidence.


Prepare to conquer new fitness heights with our Strength Endurance Training class! This dynamic session is designed to push your physical limits, combining strength-building exercises with endurance challenges. Led by expert instructors, this class focuses on enhancing your muscular strength, stamina, and mental resilience.


Step into the ultimate fitness challenge with our HYROX Training Experience! HYROX is a unique and exhilarating fitness competition that combines endurance, strength, and mental fortitude. Designed for individuals who crave a challenge, this class mirrors the intensity of the HYROX competition, offering a training environment that pushes your limits and transforms your fitness levels.